Meet our Brewer

Brewer smelling beer

My name is Dan Lindon, I'm the brewer at Maltnhops and live locally in the Lake Macquarie area. Brewing beer has been my hobby for over 25 years, and in recent times become my occupation, graduating from the Federation University brewing program in 2018, and have worked in breweries in the Hunter region for several years before joining the Maltnhops team in July 2019.

 Brewing lager style beers got me interested in brewing, beers like this with a clean flavour profile show up any brewing flaws so you need to get everything just right, and are an excellent way for any brewer to hone their brewing skills for any beer styles. 

 I've worked with some very talented brewers over the past few years, and gained invaluable information, brewing techniques and skills, that I've brought to the Maltnhops brewery. I make all of our beers using the best contemporary practices to deliver a balanced, flavoursome and quality product. 

 At Maltnhops all of the ingredients we use are of the highest quality, sourced locally from Australia, and overseas from Europe, the United States and New Zealand.

 We specialise in some traditional German styles such as Pilsner and Weissbier, but have embraced new world styles and ingredients to brew some of the best ales available in Newcastle. We are also experimenting with local natural ingredients such as the Lemon Myrtle tree used to flavour our sour beer, this is an exciting emerging area in brewing in Australia.