Meet our Brewer

Meet our Brewer - Phil Lyne

Phil has been brewing since 2016, joining the team at Maltnhops in 2020. He has made great mates within the industry and loves a good collab with other brewers. 

Phil is a big fan of the West Coast IPA style. His favourite WCIPA is "Big Eye" by Ballast Point Brewing in the States. With Phil's love of his westies, he's ensured that the Maltnhops WCIPA is also a delicious ode to the style. 

Phil gets a real kick out of seeing people enjoy what he has created - ensuring his recipes and produce are innovative, of high quality and most of all tasty. 

The team have delivered a swag of awards in both the Indies and AIBA brewing competitions with more to come!

Our Brewing team members also include Sam Lay and Ben Upson. 

Sam Lay - Assistant Brewer/ Sales Coordinator

And this photo is just here because the internet deserves to have it:

Maltnhops is open to further collaboration brews, corporate beers and gypsy brewing. Drop Phil an email to see what we can create together.